A list of our most frequently asked questions! Is your question not covered in our FAQ section? Don't hesitate to contact us.
What are the conditions I have to meet to book at Delft2Stay?
On our request you will have to provide proof that you will be able to pay the rent and the additional costs for the residence. You have to be at least 18 years old and you have to be a student. When booking you need to verify you are a student by uploading a proof of enrolment .
Can I reserve a studio for a particular month?
This is unfortunately not possible. The available studios are normally available 30 days after being published. We do not work with waiting lists or prior reservations.
How long can I stay?
You can stay from 6 months. You may cancel your tenancy agreement at any time after this period with one calendar month notice. You can stay as long as you are enrolled with an university, see Contract info.
Does Delft2Stay help you find alternative housing?
No, that is your own responsibility.
Who is behind Delft2Stay?
The brothers Zjef and Stijn Bogers are the founders of Holland2Stay. Delft2Stay is a part of the Holland2Stay group. Holland2Stay stands for Smart Stay! All of our modern and stylish accommodations are completely furnished and self-contained. Ready for you to move in right away and to enjoy your privacy for an affordable price. Read more about us here.
How do I know which studios are available?
You can see which studios are available if you visit our Book now page. You can book it immediately by clicking on the offer, booking it and by paying the administration fee. After payment and our approval you are assured of getting this residence. If your registration is not approved, the administration fee will be refunded.
When do I receive my contract?
You will receive your concept contract by mail after your you have paid your booking fee and we approved your contract. We will sign the contract together during the check-in. Your contract is exactly the same as the concept contract. So you will know exactly what is in it and what you are going to sign.
Can I also rent an empty/not furnished residence?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. All studios are furnished and are completed according to an inventory list.
Will I automatically get the residence of my choice?
Normally, yes. Though 2 people may be booking the same residence at the same time. The payment of the administration fee will first be processed, but we will receive a message when the residence is double booked. The person who was the last to book (and this can be a matter of seconds) will be refunded of the fee immediately or will be contacted for a suggestion of another residence. Also if, for one reason or another, we can't rent the home to you, we will refund the entire amount immediately.
Which homes do I have to register for if I want to live there with my partner?
Unfortunately living together with your partner in a studio of Delft2Stay is not possible. The studios of Delft2Stay are only available for a single person occupancy.
I am guaranteed to get a residence when I have paid the administration and contract costs in advance?
You only pay the administration/contract costs to confirm that you agree with the residence you booked. When you have paid these costs and we have approved your application, you are assured to get the home. Within 48 hours after payment the tenancy agreement will be sent to you. If we reject your application, your payment will be refunded.
Is it possible to view studios before the start of my tenancy?
No, unfortunately, this is not possible as we don't do viewings at Delft2Stay.
Paying rent
How much is the rent?
It is different for each type of residence. All rents are stated in our list of residences.
Can I choose when the rent is withdrawn from my account?
No, we withdraw the rent on the last working day of the month prior to the month to be paid. So, for example on October 30, 2016 we will withdraw the rent for the month of November.
Can I also pay the rent a certain time in advance?
No, we collect the monthly rent via direct debit.
Can I pay the rent in installments?
No, the rent will be collected each month.
When am I eligible for a housing allowance?
See housing allowance. Delft2Stay will be glad to assist you with the application of your housing allowance if you meet the requirements.
During tenancy
Can I use the contract to register at the town register?
Yes, that is why the contract has our signature. You can register (maximum 30 days) in advance as of the effective date of the contract at the town register. Please remember that you also need a housing permit to live in Delft.
Can someone else stay at my home (for example when I am abroad)?
No, that is not allowed.
Can I terminate the rent prematurely?
Yes, you may cancel your contract any time after the minimum stay of 6 months. The notice period is one calendar month and you can cancel it through your online account.
Service costs
What is covered by the service costs?
  • A part of the costs for the caretaker.
  • Electricity/water/heating for the communal areas.
  • Cleaning of the communal areas.
  • Replacement of lamps in the communal areas.
  • Special service maintenance contracts.
  • Window cleaning outside.
  • Administration fee.
What is covered by other deliveries and services?
  • The depreciation of furniture and upholstering.
  • Advance payments for gas, water and electricity.
  • Basic TV subscription.
  • Fast internet, wired in the residences and wifi in general areas.
  • Administration fee.
Are the service costs included in the rent?
Yes, the service costs are included in the all-in price.
What to do when one of the services fails?
Let us know by sending in a ticket through your online account, by mailing us or, when it's an emergency, by calling us. We will try to solve it as soon as possible.
What are the rental deposit rules?
If you studio flat is clean, and you can show us the proof of deregistration issued by the local authorities or proof of registration at another address and nothing is broken or significantly damaged, your deposit will be refunded after 4 weeks into your bank account. We would prefer to return the full deposit to everyone as this would mean that everything was left behind clean and tidy. We therefore request our tenants to clean their flats as thoroughly as possible. When the cleanliness is not up to our standard, cleaning will be outsourced and the cost will be deducted from your deposit. Cleaning is minimum 1.5 hours and will cost at least €45.
Why am I receiving an annual statement of the service costs?
Part of the service costs cover your usage of water, electricity and heating in your apartment. These costs amount to a fixed price, which is based on an average monthly usage and is included in your rent.

In spite of this, the usage of your water, heating and electricity differs each day.
The settlement department calculates your services’ usage once a year, before July 31st. This is the reason for which we are sending out an email, which includes the annual statement of your service costs. The annual statement is an overview of the pre-paid service costs compared to your actual usage.

For example
You have rented a studio at any time in 2017. No matter if you still live here or have already moved out, you will receive the information about your service costs before 31-07-2018.
If you’ve used less services than the amount of the monthly advanced payments, you will be refunded within four weeks after receiving the email. If you've used more services than you paid for, you might have to pay an extra amount.
This is also mentioned in the General provisions of your contract.

Good to know

We write down your meter readings at the beginning of your tenancy (when you receive your keys) and at the end (when you leave), in order to make sure you only pay for the time that you lived here!

My question is not listed here. How can I reach you?
Email is preferred, but you can also call us! Find our contact details here.